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The Rhino Craft is designed as a robust & virtually indestructible replacement to the inflatable rigid hull workboat for use in the offshore & marine construction environments.

The boat is made exclusively from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). The keel is 30mm HDPE plate, the pontoons are Ф 500mm x 15,2 mm W.T extruded HDPE pipe. The frames, decking & hull are made from 10 mm to 25mm thick HPDE plate.

The frames and bulkheads are cut by a Numerically Controlled water jet and all the components are extrusion welded together, forming a workboat with 7 watertight compartments.

The deck is self-draining via 2 x 100 mm diameter duckbill drains through the transom.

The boat is adequately powered by 1 x 36 hp diesel outboard. The transom has been designed to accommodate 2 x outboard motors. It is possible to install a water jet drive powered by a 145 hp diesel engine.

In case of damage to the boat, the HDPE can easily be repaired with an extrusion welder or molten plastic where no extrusion welder is available.

Standard Accessories

  • 3 leg lifting sling
  • Passenger transfer handrail
  • Heavy duty rubber D section bow fenders 
  • All fasteners stainless steel

Optional Accessories
  • Built-in Fuel Tanks (150 litre)
  • Control Console  
  • Pontoon Seats and Central aisle seats
  • Road trailer or 4x4 Off-road trailer
  • Outboard or 140 hp water jet drive Diesel Yanmar
  • Self-righting frame
  • Offshore Recovery Cradle and Deck Cradle