Pre‐commissioning of the Bonga Pipelines (2004 ‐ 2005)

Above Left – 10 Tonne Subsea winch installed on davit for the EM tether repair (2010 ‐ see page 4).
Centre ‐ 2,5 Tonne SWL Air Diving Man Rider Winch (2002). Winch designed and supplied to Hydro Dive (Nigeria) ‐ designed to DNV & IMCA rules.
Above Right ‐ Riser Pull‐in Winch 15 tonne SWL (2000) for Stolt installation of the flexible riser from the EM field to the FA Platform.

Set of 4 mooring winches (2002) for the Hydro Dive DSV “HD Commander” in Nigeria. Each winch carries 1,500m of 28mm SWR and has a bare drum pull capacity of 30 tonnes. The winches are driven via a 110 kNm final drive planetary gearbox mounted inside the winch drum to minimise the space requirements. Winches are horse‐power controlled for power efficiency. The two bow winches are fitted with automatic spooling.

Above Left ‐ 12 Tonne High Speed Tool Deployment Winch Stolt Offshore(2000 – 2001) Winch with 140 kW power‐pack– Designed for 1,500 meters of 26mm SWR and used by Stolt Offshore in deep water oil field installation (Girrasol Field) activities off Angola.
Centre ‐ 10 Tonne Sub‐sea Winches – Murray and Roberts Marine (2010). Compact 10 te sub‐sea pull down winches for water inlet system installation at Trejkoppie in Namibia.

Above Right – HRC deployment winch SMIT SAT3 System (2006). This winch was part of the HRC Launch and Recovery system.