Launch and Recovery Systems

Above Left: Modular “A” Frame for Swire Pacific (2005). This 10 Te SWL luffing “A” frame was fabricated for the Swire AHT “Pacific Warrior” for use with one of its main winches. The system is being test loaded at Concrete Units in Cape Town under Lloyds witness before despatch.
Centre and Above Right: Modular LARS for 15 Te SWL SMIT SAT 3 HRC (2006) designed to fit into a standard 40’ container. Test loading at centre, and installed system on the Bourbon Peridot at the Hess Okume Field Development in Equatorial Guinea.

Above series ‐ Launch and recovery system for survey boat daughter craft ‐ Fugro 2009 Wale Marine were commissioned to engineer a launch and recovery system for Fugro such that they could launch their aluminium daughter craft from the mother vessel at sea in order to perform shallow water surveys. The LARS is articulated and telescopic, with a floating lower section such that the daughter craft can ride onto the ramp without swamping herself. Once the craft is on the lower ramp, the ramp is luffed down so the daughter craft can be winched up and the ramp can be brought in‐board.