Powered Reels

Above Left. Hydraulically Powered Reel (1998 ‐ 2001). This powered reel was initially supplied by Wale Marine to American International Divers which was subsequently taken over by Stolt. This reel is used for the installation of sub‐sea flexible flowlines and control umbilicals, accommodating up to 3,000m of 150mm φ flexible pipeline weighing up to 120 tonnes. In 2001 the reel was upgraded for Stolt for the installation of the 6″ flexible flow‐line for the Mossgas E‐M satellite field development. The upgrade entailed incorporation of a 2nd pinion drive unit in order to double the drum torque.

Above Right. Two of three hydraulically powered reeler systems supplied to Leighton India 2008. These chain drive reelers were designed to accept the supply drums for 1000 metres of 86mm SWR to be used on a pipeline pull with a 300 Te linear Winch that we supplied to them.

Above Left. Two pneumatically powered umbilical reels fabricated in Cape Town and supplied via Wale Marine Australia (no longer operating) for Well Ops in Australia
Above Right. Two pneumatically powered umbilical reels supplied via Wale Marine Australia to Well Ops UK. These reels have fail safe calliper brakes which engage onto a stainless steel liner.

Above Left: Hydraulically powered reel for sub sea hydraulic hose umbilicals. Centre: Hydraulically powered reel with rim drive pneumatic wheel Right: Hydraulically powered reeling system for varying drum sizes