Pre‐commissioning of the Bonga Pipelines (2004 ‐ 2005)

In 2004 Wale Marine were engaged by Stolt Offshore as their resident pre‐commissioning engineer for the 16” Gas Export Pipeline between the Bonga FPSO and the OGGS RPA platform. Top left is the FPSO in 1000m depth with the Seaway Polaris alongside. The Polaris was used for the pipe‐lay and sub‐sea operations. Above right is the RPA platform (about 90 km away in 25m) during the dewatering of the 16” gas export pipeline. Ancillary works by Wale Marine included the re‐design and fabrication in Port Harcourt of the bow‐catcher boat landing for the Surfer 140 for easy deployment and recovery from the side of the Seaworker, as well as all pipe and valve work for the dewatering dump‐line, plus significant removal and blinding of pipework and valving on the RPA top‐sides owing to a 10” ball valve casing leak on the top‐sides identified during the pressure testing of the pipeline.

On completion of the gas line, Wale Marine were engaged further to pre‐commissioning the flow lines and water injection lines for the FPSO itself. BJPPS were subcontracted for the pumping and pressurising operations. The work essentially comprised the pressure strength‐testing of the individual flowlines (400 bar for the PFL’s and 310 bar for the WFL’s), the cleaning of the PFL loops using bi‐directional brushing pigs, and hydrotesting of the PFL loops (including manifolds, well jumpers and boarding valves) to 330 bar.