Rhino Craft HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene) Workboats

In 2003 Wale Marine was commissioned by Hydro Dive Nigeria to engineer and supply three 6 metre HDPE workboats suitable for use in the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry and compatible with conventional bow‐ catcher landings. These and subsequent HDPE workboats (“Rhino Craft”) have an excellent track record in the harsh operating environments off West Africa. These Rhino Craft were initially developed, fabricated and sold by Wale Marine, until in 2005 a sister company (Rhino Marine Products (Pty) Ltd) was formed to fabricate and distribute these “proven” boats under license to Wale Marine. Wale Marine continues to develop and refine the range of Rhino Craft to suit the industry needs.

Above left Rhino 590 workboat being used on EM tether repair ‐ 2010. Top right Rhino 850 workboat (2006), an evolution of the original 5.9 m workboat into an 8.5 metre workboat powered here by twin 200 hp outboards. Bottom right 8.5 metre Alamarin jet drive boat with 160 hp Steyr inboard diesel.

Above Rhino 9.5 m with 280 hp inboard diesel Volvo Penta Z drive for Perenco 2008 on sea trials in Cape Town (left) and in use being lifted onto jack up rig near Douala Cameroon.

Download: Rhino History 2017 Rev1