Traction Winches

100 Te traction winch for steel wire ropes of up to 127 mm diameter that we engineered and supplied to Endenburg Holland (2010). This winch can either be used as a conventional pulling winch, or as a dynamic brake for back‐tensioning when spooling onto winches.

The Inventor generated model depicted above represents a 50 Te Active Heave Compensation system that we are offering to Hallin for potential use on the Ullswater SOV for operating in 2000 metres water depth in a sea state 4. This system we are developing together with Hyflo who have extensive experience on the active heave compensation systems based primarily on the West Coast alluvial diamond mining operations.

This system that is being developed incorporates a low constant tension powered reel capable of taking 2000 m of Samson synthetic ropes (Dyneema) which is neutrally buoyant, with the 50 Te traction winch driving the load up or down via the over‐boarding sheave tower. The central sheave is mounted on an active heave compensation slide system such that the vessel movement is effectively negated with respect to the winch.

This minimises the inertial effects that need to be overcome with respect to the vessel movement.